In the media…

Frank Marasco
(L-R) Frank Marasco – International Hairstylist and Photographer, Dmitriy Vinokurov – World-class hair stylist, fashion designer, trend-setter “Wella”, Fabio Sementilli – Technical Creative Director Wella N.A.
Frank Marasco Recipient of the Cheena O’Seara Award 2013 Cheena O’Seara was the first woman to become a member of ICA. The Cheena O’Seara Award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of ICA’s members.

What Clients are Saying…

As a seasoned stylist, salon owner and photographer, Frank Marasco has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the hair world. The seasonal styling collections he produces illustrate the latest trends and demonstrate how progressive cuts can be worn by the everyday client. Our readers and website visitors love to see versatile hairstyles, and this is where Marasco excels.

Amy Dodds

Beauty Launchpad Executive Editor

His artistic abilities are unparalleled. If people ask “who cuts your hair”, you don’t need a last name – it’s “Frank”. That says it all.

Laurie Bissonette


“When I moved to Sudbury from Toronto, someone told me to go to Frank Marasco to get my hair services. That was 1985. My family and I continue to go to Frank because he gives prompt, professional services. He listens to what his clients have to say and is very honest regarding what services his clients should have done.  He is also incredibly nurturing to his employees. He would be a very worthy recipient of the Business Excellence Award. He is a wonderful ambassador for Sudbury.”

Diana Iuele-Colilli


Frank Marasco…

Appearances and Accomplishments…


• Recognized member of the prestigious Intercoiffure Mondial

• BES Beauty and Science Award, Italy

• Diploma of Excellence, Educator of the Century, Intercoiffure America/Canada

• International Judge for Wella Professional

• Master Judge of Canada Award, Gold and Silver Medallist

• Nominated for the Masters of the Craft Award

• Reproduction of styles on commercial posters in Canada and Europe

• Hairstylist for fashion designers in Canadian Fashion Magazines

• Nation-wide coverage of “Fashion for Seasons” by news media

• Publication of designs in hairstyling magazines throughout North America and Europe

• Represented Canada at the World Championships in New York

• Developed the Marasco line of hair care products (a completely organic line “Organik” and a line for men “Uomo”)



• Canadian photographer in Wella Professional Trend Vision in Barcelona, Berlin, Los Angeles, Madrid, Monaco and New York  2009 – 2014

• Photographer of the 2009 Intercoiffure Hair Show in Las Vegas

• Seasonal photoshoots for all Marasco Trend Collections published in LaunchPad, Sophisticate Magazine, Sudbury Living


Television Appearances:

• Q2, New York

• Dini Petty Show, Toronto

• NBC News, New York

• Global Television, Toronto

• City TV, Toronto

• Canada AM, Toronto


Recipient of the Cheena O’Seara Award 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

Commemorative medals are struck from time to time to mark important anniversaries and other great occasions. In keeping with that tradition, the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal was created in 2002 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ascension of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the throne. The Medal was awarded to Canadians who have made outstanding and exemplary contributions to their communities or to Canada as a whole. The award focuses both on the achievements of those people who, over the past 50 years, have helped create the Canada of today, and on the achievements of younger Canadians who are actively contributing to our future.
In order to ensure all regions of Canada were represented, various organizations were invited to propose candidates, including the federal, provincial and territorial levels of government; national professional, educational and cultural organizations; the military; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; veterans’ groups; sports associations; and philanthropic and charitable bodies.

Zeffiro Italia Premio Internazionale – The Oner

– Milano, 4 November 1985

L’Oréal Professional

– Years of collaboration

The 1NER Internation

– Award of hairstyling – Master Frank Marasco of Professional creativity,1990

Etruscan CHarm Award 

– 1994

Intercoiffure – Artist Directors Awards 

Arts and Science Association – Blue Ribbon – Master Judge Canada

– Victoria BC, June 15, 1997

Arts and Science Association -Red Ribbon

– Mater judge Canada

– Ladies – Toronto, ON June 11, 2001

The Golden Curl -1995

Lo Zeffiro

– Milano, Italy November 29th, 1982


– Guild of hair design 1991

– Gus Caruso Achievement Award

– The Hairdresser who has greatly contributed to the industry

International Show Marotta

– Bes Beauty & Scenze

– Milano Italy